Frank's Finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml)

Toapin Rise Farm

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Did you know we have four blocks of olive trees that make up our grove? Each block of trees has a name and is made up of a unique composition of olive tree varieties.

One block in particular might be our favourite- we call it 'Franks' after the great gentleman that founded our grove.

The trees in this block have a variety of ages as well as tree varieties. It has the highest elevation and rich, red soil. The flavour of extra virgin olive oil we get off this block is always so delicious and unique we keep it separate from the other blocks and release a very limited amount of Frank's Finest EVOO.

The EVOO we have gotten off Frank's this year is our best yet- robust, well rounded and peppery. It is the perfect oil to compliment your nibble platter, or to finish off a bruschetta. If you like EVOO full of flavour then you are going to LOVE this years' Frank's Finest EVOO.