2021 Harvest Pack

Toapin Rise Farm

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Ever dreamed of going into a store and saying "one of everything!"

Well here is your chance. Our 2021 Harvest Pack gives you an opportunity to get your hands on the three different types of extra virgin olive oils (evoo) we have left in stock. 

If variety is the spice of your life, then you can select a 500ml bottle of our robust evoo, Frank's Finest, a 500ml bottle of our Garlic evoo AND a 500ml bottle of our Chilli evoo.

But here is the kicker- what you put in this pack is totally up to you! Yep, if you LOVE our Garlic evoo, then why not just get three bottles? Or perhaps you don't like Chilli evoo, then get two Frank's Finest- the power is in your hands!

This pack comes in a gift box- because we want to take the hard work out of gifting for you


*rosemary salt in photo not included